Please share your experience using our natural products.

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Tamara | Turmeric soap.

I saw results the same week spots are definitely fading.

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Monica | Turmeric soap.

Am having a nice clear color the soap is good soon purchase more.

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Rochelle | Coffee soap.

I used the coffee and my sons the castile. We all have the same review. Soaps clean well and leaves face feeling soft and looking clean. The coffee did not exfoliate or fade dark spots and the castile did not reduce pimples. I would recommend as excellent for maintaining after a professional facial. Overall thumbs up 👍

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Roxanne | Turmeric soap.

This product has been absolutely amazing Ik it’s usually used on the face as a toner and to remove dark spots but I use it to shower overall and I can definitely say it leaves a smooth even toner after a week of using the product and i have this stubborn spot on my forehead I’ve had since forever and at this point I can’t even tell it was ever there

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Christine | Castile soap.

I love the soap so far for me. my Son face is not so bad the discolour is still there but its not bright like before.