Natural Skincare

Our products are made with natural ingredients that will not harm your skin.

No harmful chemicals.

Our products do not contain paraben, triclosan, sodium laureth sulfate or other harmful chemicals.


Our products are not tested on animals.

Our Products

Natural Turmeric Soap.

Even your skin tone without irritation (Includes two bars).1,000 JMD


Natural Coffee Soap.

Exfoliates the skin (Includes two bars). 1,100 JMD


Natural Castile Soap.

Deep cleanser that clear stubborn pimples (Includes two bars). 1,000 JMD


Natural Moringa Soap.

Clear, smooth skin (Includes two bars).1,100 JMD


Coffee & Rosemary Oil.

Skin moisturizing oil. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. (1 fl oz/ 30 ml). 1,000 JMD


100% Moringa Seed Oil.

Skin moisturizing oil. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. (1 fl oz/ 30 ml). 1,500 JMD


Turmeric Body Lotion.

Hydrates and moisturizes your glowing skin. (8 fl oz). 1,500 JMD


Natural Lip Balm.

Moisturizes and protects your lips. (0.15 oz).300 JMD

2,500 JMD

Hand picked combo

Natural turmeric soap (2 bars) and turmeric body lotion (8 fl oz).

The perfect combination for a clear, glowing skin.

Since November 2021

We are Spot the Speckle

There are many products that claim to take care of the skin. These products may seem to be successful but they attack the skin instead of taking care of it. These toxic anti-skin products are not skin friendly!

Therefore, we at Spot the Speckle have made the friendly companions that will take care of the skin without harm. Our products are made with natural ingredients. We don't use harmful chemicals that will irritate or damage your skin. We make the SKIN'S BEST FRIEND!